Belinda Gore, PhD.


How do you know if coaching is right for you?

  • You have high potential for leadership and your organization is supporting your development
  • You are in the midst of a major life transition and you need support and direction in creating a new path for yourself.
  • You want to work with someone who can guide you in finding personal and spiritual depth and meaning in your life.

“While I have many years’ experience as a psychotherapist, I decided to focus on using my expertise in the Enneagram system to help motivated people move beyond average functioning in order to maximize their potential.  I use the Enneagram system and a variety of other tools to work with my clients to develop themselves in their professional lives and as a fully mature human being.”

A coaching package includes

  • an initial session to explore your purpose for coaching, establish a relationship, and develop a general plan,
  • followed by nine hour-long sessions, in person or by phone, over a period of 3-6 months.
  • Every package includes email access for questions and check-ins. 
  • An option for continued coaching is available. 
  • To further explore your own coaching program, contact me at

“Belinda was my ‘sherpa’ through the most difficult personal and professional transition in my life.  I found her patient, insightful, and invested in my growth and success.  I came out on the other side of this coaching process intact and spiritually healthier, as Belinda consistently assured me I would.  The life lessons I learned while working with her have served me quite well since, resulting in a far more rewarding career as well as deepened intimacy with my life partner.”

M.M., Vice-President, Human Resources

“I have had the privilege of knowing Belinda for many years.  As a master in her field, Belinda provides a coaching environment and style that utilize her intuitive and spiritual gifts in an effective and personal way.  Her professional style has allowed me to feel safe, yet empowered, during my process of self-discovery and growth."

- Jodi Price, O.D., small business owner


As senior faculty for the Deep Coaching Institute, based in the San Francisco Bay area, Belinda trains professional coaches, using the Enneagram system and Presence-based coaching as the foundation for catalyzing change for both coaches and their clients.  For more information about the Deep Coaching Intensive, visit




As senior faculty for the Deep Coaching Institute, Belinda is a close colleague with Roxanne Howe-Murphy, author of Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change. The Deep Coaching Institute provides training for professional coaches, therapists and allied growth-oriented practitioners to integrate the power of the Enneagram and Presence-based coaching into their practices.

For more information about the ten month certification training program, combining distance learning with intensive in-person learning and practice, visit