Belinda Gore, PhD.


As a psychologist with a Master’s degree in public administration, I have a broad perspective on leadership development.  While models and assessments are great as data points, I agree with the 75 member Advisory Council for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, who, when asked to recommend the most important capability for leaders to develop, answered almost unanimously:  self-awareness.

Leaders who lack self-awareness tend to

  • Make the same mistakes over and over again
  • Get defensive when people give them feedback
  • Deny responsibility for the problems they create
  • Ignore the diverse talents in producing results
  • Become more rigid rather than resilient under stress

On the other hand, self-aware leaders can create high-level synergy from what other people experience as chaos, understanding how things work at deep levels and being able to integrate complexity to achieve results. 

I am an Enneatype Three, so I am motivated by success, my own and my clients’.  I have learned that, for me, success means doing what I love, operating in an environment that helps me thrive, and being rewarded for my work in the ways that matter to me.

What does success mean to you?
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"Belinda has been an important resource for building team alignment, for supporting and developing effective communication skills with my teams, as well as coaching me in refining my leadership style.  Her use of the Enneagram system has been particularly useful for my teams and for me in developing self-awareness, establishing clarity in utilizing the diverse talents and strengths within the team, and for creating useful strategies to deal with difficult internal clients within the hospital system.

Most healthcare organizations have a multitude of leadership and work styles throughout their workforce.  Our work with Belinda has made my teams more effective at recognizing those different styles and being effective with each of them."

M. Quinn, Ph.D., Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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Recently Belinda worked with a utility company to design and deliver a four-day leadership training program for mid-level managers which demonstrated statistically significant change in the initial two groups of participants.  Research on the effectiveness of the program continues.

 “Participants in both cohorts engaged more actively in self-management based on higher levels of self-awareness, particularly regarding consciously managing their responses in leadership and stressful situations. Also, middle managers described becoming more other-oriented in their leadership …based on understanding others‘ motivations and needs.”  

Hilke Richmer, Ph.D.