Wisdom teachers throughout millennia have reminded us that we are living in a dream state.  We misunderstand the nature of Reality and believe the world of the ego is all there is.  The spiritual journey has always been about waking up.  

My focus is teaching and guiding practices for living the awakened life.  

In coaching, workshops, and yearlong trainings my work brings together the Enneagram, the practice of Presence, Ancient Ritual Postures, and art as an expression of the personal and collective spiritual journey.

Belinda Gore, Ph.D. is an inspired teacher as well as a psychologist, a coach, and an artist.  The basis of her spiritual teaching is a practice that uses ancient ritual postures from the artwork of indigenous people around the world to access the world of spirit.  It is the subject of two of her books and much of her art. 

She is also an expert in the Enneagram, teaching workshops internationally and virtual courses online.   Her area of special interest is the development of personality through relationships as understood through Object Relations theory. 

Belinda is also a partner and senior faculty with The Deep Coaching Institute, a coaching school that trains coaches to use the Enneagram and a methodology based on somatic awareness and deep acceptance.  The Deep Coaching approach guides clients in becoming more present and thereby experiencing Presence, the basis of the awakened life.  

Enneagram symbol on encaustic artwork

Deep Coaching

Deep Coaching uses a transformative methodology to engage deep Presence, a condition of being aligned with our own true nature, as well as the Enneagram system as a tool for revealing insights about self-awareness and direction for lasting change.

Collage image by Belinda Gore


Everything – images from calendars and cards, art papers, fabrics of every variety, and small found objects – are the raw materials for collage.  From small paper collage to encaustic wax on birch boards to art quilts using fabric embellished with beads, this is a medium bursting with creative options. 

Stone arches on path in the woods

Upcoming Workshops

“I was not aware of the complexity of Object Relations before taking this course. It added so much to my several years of Enneagram Trainings.  It was as though Belinda turned on a light in both my attic and my basement and removed cobwebs I didn’t know existed.  Belinda is a fabulous teacher and provided us with an excellent outline of the materials before each session.  I’m most grateful.”