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Bringing human presence back into what was once a vibrant sophisticated culture

Life is an adventure when we allow it to happen. Taking the next step, doing the next right thing, led me to collaborate in starting a non-profit organization: The Great Circle Alliance. We invite you to visit and explore the compelling projects and meaningful insights that are emerging. Welcome to the adventure!

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Belinda Gore

Teaching and Guiding Practices for Living an Awakened Life

Wisdom teachers throughout millennia have reminded us that we are living in a dream state.  We misunderstand the nature of Reality and believe the world of the ego is all there is.  The spiritual journey has always been about waking up.

My focus is teaching and guiding practices for living the awakened life.

In coaching, workshops, and yearlong trainings my work brings together the Enneagram, the practice of Presence, Ancient Ritual Postures, and art as an expression of the personal and collective spiritual journey.

Rave review from Ana at Glamour Zombie

The Ancient Ritual Postures is a fascinating deck and book combo full of surprises and details to uncover. The images are rich and evocative, and they encourage you to do work as you deem appropriate, offering different explorations and options that seem to evolve with you the more you work with them. This set shows the knowledge, passion and care that Belinda Gore put into it, and I can’t believe how under the radar this is, because it’s pure genius. Belinda offers more information and pictures on her site, so go check it out to quench your curiosity! (Read full review at Tumblr)

Belinda Gore, Ph.D. is an inspired teacher as well as a psychologist, a coach, and an artist. The basis of her spiritual teaching is a practice that uses ancient ritual postures from the artwork of indigenous people around the world to access the world of spirit. It is the subject of three of her books and much of her art.

She is also an expert in the Enneagram, teaching workshops internationally and virtual courses online. Her area of special interest is the development of personality through relationships as understood through Object Relations theory.

Belinda is also chair of the board of directors of The Great Circle Alliance, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer public programs encouraging and strengthening the contemporary human voice and community presence in the ancient monumental indigenous sites of Ohio. Great Circle Alliance works to raise awareness and encourage contemporary Native voices, bringing human presence back into what was once a vibrant sophisticated culture.

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Tattooed Jaguar

Ritual Postures

Combining ritual postures with breath and rhythmic sound opens doorways in consciousness through which we can step into an expanded reality. There we encounter the spirits that have been spiritual guides for humanity for millennia. They are my intimate honored friends in the invisible world.

Collage image by Belinda Gore


Based on her book, Finding Freedom in Authentic Relationships: A life-changing exploration of the Enneagram and Object Relations, Belinda’s workshops and professional development groups weave together three powerful streams of wisdom concerning the human condition – the Enneagram, Object Relations theory, and the science of healthy relationships.


I was introduced to Soul Collage several years ago and was drawn to the magic of small collages. My own use of this art form is to engage deep wisdom and express it visually, where the sequences of collages unfold like a dream. In collage workshops, inner exploration is expressed through this simple and lovely art form.

Collage image by Belinda Gore

Upcoming Events

W​orkshops, online classes, and conference presentations are my opportunity to pass along the wisdom and information that are most meaningful to me. My teaching focus, which combines content and experiential learning, is on ancient ritual postures as well as the use of the Enneagram in coaching.