Belinda Gore, Ph.D.

Belinda is an inspired teacher as well as an author, artist and psychologist. A native of Ohio, Belinda attended university in Columbus, Ohio, and was also a student and later a staff member with World Campus Afloat, a shipboard university that traveled to Asia, Africa, and southern Europe. Her early exposure to global issues deeply influences her work. While still in her 20s, she also studied Metaphysics in England, learning to facilitate dreamwork as a tool for exploring consciousness and to integrate astrology into her understanding of the human condition. These are skills she continues to use in her teaching and in supporting personal and spiritual development.

In 1984, Belinda met internationally acclaimed anthropologist Felicitas Goodman whose research and teaching led to the founding of the Cuyamungue Institute. Belinda became a colleague and close friend of Dr. Goodman, taking the role of President of the Cuyamungue Institute for a number of years. The international membership of this non-profit organization supports an appreciation for the worldview and artwork of indigenous people worldwide. She continues to travel around the world teaching the Cuyamungue method that uses breath, sound, and ritual body postures to access the world of the spirits.

In affiliation with The Enneagram Institute, established by international Enneagram experts Don Riso and Russ Hudson, Belinda founded The Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio (EICO) in 2000 to train professionals in the use of the Enneagram system for facilitating personal and professional development. Today she is recognized as a leader in using the Enneagram in coaching. Her background as a psychotherapist and an executive coach give her a unique ability to guide her students and clients toward fulfilling their potential, beyond the limits of identifying with personality traits.

In 2009, Belinda’s friend and colleague Roxanne Howe-Murphy founded The Deep Coaching Institute (DCI), now an accredited school with both the International Coach Federation and the International Enneagram Association. Belinda joined DCI as a partner, along with Diana Redmond and Ipek Serifsoy. They offer an Enneagram-based curriculum along with a five-step methodology which helps coaches foster presence in themselves and in their clients.

Belinda’s capacity for personal warmth, clear thinking, and commitment to awakening and to global awareness all contribute to her being a catalyst for transformation. With a deep understanding of developmental maturity and resilience, she moves into uncharted territory in the process of change. In her role as faculty with the Deep Coaching Institute, she guides other coaches in refining their ability to meet their clients with creativity, accountability, and wisdom.

Only recently Belinda has acknowledged her lifelong love of art. She began studying collage in the early 1990’s and integrated her love of color, texture, and textiles into encaustic collage and fabric art. She also learned the basics of Soul Collage and creates series of small collages as form of personal exploration similar to dreamwork.

Belinda continues to live in Columbus, Ohio, with her two cats and a friend and fellow artist. Their studio provides a haven for creativity for friends and clients.


Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology, The Ohio State University
M.A. in Public Policy and Management, The Ohio State University
B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, Otterbein College, including a semester at The Merrill-Palmer Institute, Detroit, MI, and a semester with World Campus Afloat
Certified Instructor, The Enneagram Institute, New York
Certified Teacher, The Cuyamungue Institute
Accredited Teacher, International Enneagram Association
Senior Faculty, Deep Coaching Institute
Accredited in Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator