2020-08-05T19:44:41-07:00May 15th, 2020|Ritual Postures|

Beginning at least 36,000 years ago indigenous people around the world were creating works of art in the form of ritual body postures. Think Lascaux Cave and the Venus of Laussel. These images were painted on cave walls, carved in slate, and sculpted in stone. We can see them - along with later totem poles, terracotta effigies, and figures in gold and silver - [...]

How to Create a Simple but Powerful Ritual

2020-08-05T19:45:15-07:00May 22nd, 2020|Ritual Postures|

Here is a simple ritual with all the basic elements for practicing Ancient Ritual Postures. It is what we call the Cuyamungue Method, named after the Cuyamungue Institute that Felicitas Goodman founded.  Using this method you will learn to set up a sacred space, calm your mind and let sound and body position awaken your body’s natural ability to experience a shift in consciousness.  You [...]