Deep Coaching

Deep Coaching uses a life-changing methodology to engage Presence, a condition of being aligned with our own true nature, as well as the Enneagram as a tool for revealing deep insights into self-awareness and direction for lasting change. The Deep Coaching Institute is both a school and a community of coaches committed to this unique vision for personal and organizational transformation.

The Deep Coaching Institute (DCI) offers a variety of training programs, including a ten month ICF approved coaching certification, based on the Enneagram and the practice of Presence as the foundations for meaningful change. Our students are professionals who are  seeking more expansive states of being, thinking and acting in their work. All of our coaching programs and courses benefit experienced executive coaches, organization development professionals, life coaches, therapists, spiritual directors and various experienced growth-oriented professionals.

Students in the Deep Coaching Institute learn to use somatic awareness to enhance their access to Presence.  Somatic awareness supports their ability to gain insights from the Three Centers of Intelligence: the groundedness of the Instinctive Center; the open-heartedness of the Feeling Center; and the clear-headedness of the Thinking Center.   Working with these Centers – learning their languages and acquiring new practices to deepen contact with them – provides a fast and powerful way to build Presence. 

DCI’s highly experiential programs enable transformation and change by fostering a state of enhanced engagement with ourselves and the world around us. Our focus is to use the Enneagram system and the practice of Presence to find freedom from stories, fears, habitual patterns, emotional reactions, and other constrictions that bias our experiences.

Belinda is senior faculty in the Deep Coaching Certification.  She also offers specialized training in 

  • Object Relations and the Enneagram:  Finding Freedom in our Relationships
  • Leveraging the Instincts For Higher Development: A Coaching Perspective
  • Professional Development groups for DCI graduates

For more information, visit The Deep Coaching Institute online or contact Dr. Gore.

“Deep sustainable change. That’s what I was looking for…”
S.Frioni, Australia

“This program combines a deep compassion for the human experience with tools and practices to alleviate the suffering of our clients.  In the safe, loving container created by the faculty, I found that my own healing took place while my skills and confidence grew.  Simply life changing.”
L. Streb, California

“In DCI I found a home for my work and my soul.”
M.McCaskill, Canada