• This exquisite Oracle Deck features Ancient Ritual Postures drawn from indigenous art and ancient artifacts from around the world. Dating from 36,000 years ago to the present day the images in the deck encompass many ancient cultures and traditions. The book contains an exquisite collection of simple poems, one for each of the ancient ritual postures. The poems provide insightful guidance toward a path of spiritual realization.
  • This introduction to ritual postures includes descriptions of 39 postures with historical information and research with numerous participants to determine the nature of the experience the posture tends to mediate.  With introduction by Dr. Felicitas Goodman. The Spanish language translation, Posturas Corporales Extaticas, is available in Chile (posturasances-traleschile@gmail.com) and in Argentina (posturasparaeltrancebsas@gmail.com).
  • A link to this audio download is included in purchase of the Oracle Cards with Companion Book. Entering the ritual postures trance state requires use of rhythmic audio featuring sustained rattling and / or drumming.  This downloadable set of audio files includes a rattling solo; rattling duet; drum and rattle duet; and drumming solo. Please note: This audio is included as a CD inside The Ecstatic Experience book.  The book provides background and instruction on Ectastic Trance postures. We offer these tracks as a stand-alone purchase for those who are familiar with ecstatic trance and are seeking rhythmic audio to support their journeys.
  • Ten-month Online Group 3rd Friday 3 - 5 pm ET January 19 through October 18, 2024

    In this online monthly practice group, we’ll learn about the art of divination, how to ask questions of the invisible world and how to discern the answers we receive. Each month will focus on one of the Divination postures in the Ancient Ritual Postures Oracle cards – including its history, the details of holding that posture and how to use it in our daily lives. Cost for ten sessions: $175* Zoom link and details will follow registration. *Your registration fee will be deposited as a tax-exempt contribution to The Great Circle Alliance, a 501C3 organization. Learn more at greatcirclealliance.com
  • Six-month Online Group 4th Sunday 2 - 4 pm ET January 21 through June 16, 2024

    Each month we'll focus on one of the postures from the Ancient Ritual Postures Oracle cards, exploring each of the six categories – Ritual, Healing, Divination, Metamorphosis, Spirit Journey and Initiation. This group is open to all levels of experience. Zoom link and details to follow registration.