Ancient Ritual Postures Oracle Cards & Book


This exquisite Oracle Deck features Ancient Ritual Postures drawn from indigenous art and ancient artifacts from around the world. Dating from 36,000 years ago to the present day the images in the deck encompass many ancient cultures and traditions. The book contains an exquisite collection of simple poems, one for each of the ancient ritual postures. The poems provide insightful guidance toward a path of spiritual realization.


Ritual Posture collageThe ‘Ancient Ritual Postures Oracle Cards’ are a tool for accessing one’s own intuitive guidance, and a guide for physically practicing each posture—similar to a yoga pose. Access the wisdom of the ancients with easy to read instructions for each posture in the accompanying booklet and create a divinatory experience like no other. The Postures truly encompass the divine human trinity of the heart, mind, and body through the universal language of embodied practice.

The deck contains six suits, each identified by a distinctive mandala:  Ritual, Healing, Divination, Metamorphosis, Spirit Journeys, and Initiation. Each suit includes ten cards, all with a ritual posture on a rich and evocative field of colorful collage. Artist and author Belinda Gore created this series based on her thirty-five years’ experience practicing the ritual postures.

The cards are accompanied by an elegant book describing practices for using the deck to open doors of perception, answer questions, and provide guidance.

The book contains an exquisite collection of simple poems, one for each of the ancient ritual postures. The poems provide insightful guidance toward a path of spiritual realization.


“I hope you’re ready for what’s coming up next: this set is quite something. I have had decks before that prompted me to move, or to remain still. This one has done both, and it’s been a complex experience: physical, intellectual, visual, spiritual. This is a post for those who like the intriguing and the gorgeous…” Click here for the rest of the review.

“For those of us drawn to embodied spirituality, this gorgeous oracular card set is a profound gift. For each divinity, Belinda guides us into a specific ancient body posture which we hold for 15 minutes. Then we are invited to journal our experience of this inner state, and amplify it with her poem, her original fiber collage card and her guidance to further explore this essence. This gathering of ancient body prayers from throughout the world, paired with oracular cards, and original poems draws us into the essence of the many divinities who are the expressions of the One.” — Maren Hansen, M.Div., Ph.D. and author of Mother Mysteries and Teachers of Myth

“The Ancient Ritual Postures cards and book brings a dazzling display of Belinda Gore’s experience, her knowledge, her sensitivity and her sensibility. Belinda offers us a treasure chest of opportunities to be more aware and to grow our souls. We are drawn to uncover messages to support aspects of our lives. Be playful and curious. Open your mind and heart. Let the magic lead you.” – Lisa N. Woodside, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Holy Family University; Shamanic Practitioner

“Belinda Gore’s new deck of Ancient Ritual Posture Cards are a very valuable addition to our work with the Ritual Postures. The posture pictures imbedded in colorful collages are especially attractive and I have been using them to teach the posture to be experienced in each of my group sessions.” – Nicolas E. Brink, Ph.D., author The Power of Ecstatic Trance, and six other books

“Ancient Ritual Postures brings you a timeless healing and guidance practice that is remarkably relevant today. In a world that can be surprising and confusing, these beautifully powerful cards lead you to answers that heighten your awareness, your understanding and your wisdom.” – Marcia Cannon, Ph.D., MFT, author The Gift of Anger