Practice Group: Metamorphosis

Ten-month Online Group
3rd Friday 3 – 5 pm ET
January 20 through October 20, 2023

In this online monthly practice group, we will learn about expanding your boundaries and surrendering to change.

Each month will focus on one of the Metamorphosis postures in the Ancient Ritual Postures Oracle cards – including its history, the details of holding that posture and how it can teach us.

Cost for ten sessions: $100 – $200 (sliding scale)*

*Your registration fee will be deposited as a tax-exempt contribution to The Great Circle Alliance, a 501C3 organization. Learn more at

Zoom link and details to follow registration.


The teaching portion of each session includes the history of the postures as well as details about how we can use them and what they can teach us. After a group ritual experience there will be time for small group processing. You are encouraged to meet with your group mid-month to continue learning and deepening.

The Old Ones teach of a time when humans and animals could shape shift and talk with one another.
Shapeshifting is a mysterious capacity of shamans. For us, it is a practice of metamorphosis – transforming ourselves like the caterpillar who spins a chrysalis, surrenders into liquid form, and emerges as a winged and beautiful creature. It is said the human soul is malleable and can become like any form manifesting on Earth. 
The key is surrender.

After the ritual experience there is time to process in small groups and then meet again with the small group mid-month to continue sharing and learning.