Workshop Series: Exploring the World Tree


Workshop Series

Exploring the World Tree:
Spirit Journeys with Ancient Ritual Postures

TEN sessions, once a month, beginning 2/18/22
Friday 3:00 – 5:00 pm Eastern


Traditional wisdom teaches that humans are tasked with maintaining the balance among the three realms: the Lower Underworld, Middle World in which we live and the Upper Sky World.

The Lower World or Underworld is the home of the animal spirits and the Realm of the Dead, the place we go before we make our Sky Journey. The Middle World is the spirit counterpart to the physical world we live in. The Upper World or Sky World is the home of the winds and our moon and sun as well as the star beings. Creator or Source resides in the Sky World.

In this LIVE online group you will learn about all three realms and how to assist in keeping the worlds aligned and in balance.

Each month will focus on one of the Spirit Journey postures in the Ancient Ritual Postures Oracle cards – including its history, the details of holding that posture and how it can teach us about the World Tree. After the ritual experience there is time to process in small groups that then meet mid-month to followup with the learning.

All ten online sessions are held on the third Friday of every month from 3:00 -5:00 pm EST from February 18 through November 18, 2022.