Synchronicity and Tarot Map

Kasia Tarot MapA few weeks ago I was having coffee with my friend Judy Anne. She is what I call a Tarot scholar. I mentioned that I had a zoom call with someone named Kasia who lived in Poland. Judy stared at me: “Is that Kasia with Tarot Map?” Yes, I thought so. Kasia had emailed me to ask for a set of my oracle cards. In return, she promised to review them and maybe interview me. A nice exchange. I was happy to do it.

“But Belinda, she’s Tarot Map!! She’s amazing! You don’t know how cool this is – you’re going to be on Tarot Map! That’s huge!”

Later I found out Kasia learned about the Ancient Ritual Posture Oracle deck from Meg Rose in Wisconsin. Thank you Meg! It’s great how a Tarot and oracle card community has sprouted up all around the world. Just before the first email arrived from Kasia, I had heard from Ana in Madrid who also asked for a deck so she could review them for her blog. What a world. You’ll see more about her review a bit later.

When it was time for the zoom call, Judy asked (begged) if she could pop on the screen for a few seconds to say hi to Kasia. She was so excited.

It was true, I had no idea what a treat it would be to chat with Kasia. We had lots to talk about and after about twenty minutes she said she’d better start recording. We carried on our conversation and she included sharing individual cards with her followers as we talked.

I’m sure you’ll love her as you watch this hour-long interview. As a novice to ancient ritual postures, Kasia found them intriguing. As professional tarot reader she appreciated the value of the cards at multiple levels.

Ancient Ritual Postures Deck and Mandalas

One subtle aspect of the cards is the mandala on the back of each one. There are six mandalas, to identify the six suits designating the focus of each posture: Ritual, Healing, Divination, Spirit Journey, Metamorphosis and Initiation. But the mandala itself can be used as a traditional tool for quieting and focusing our busy minds. Tracking color and pattern we finally gaze at the center point and rest our attention there. It’s amazing how well it works. Try it sometime.

Tarot MapKasia was full of admiration for the card’s artwork. I had learned to use fusible interfacing to adhere papers and fabric, then added beaded embellishment. Kasia thought using textiles was a way for us to link with the indigenous people who also created the artifacts. I confess I glowed as she cooed over each card she held up for everyone to see. What’s better for an artist than to have your work appreciated by someone you admire?!

We talked about my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Felicitas Goodman, whose research 50 years ago led to discovering how these artifacts are in fact visual teaching tools. The ritual postures teach us how to use our bodies to access our natural ability to shift our consciousness. It’s uncanny, really, how holding our arms and legs in a special pose can open us up almost like psychedelics. I’ve been using these postures for nearly 40 years and it works, for me and for the hundreds of people who’ve been in workshops with me. Felicitas gathered data and wrote articles through her late 80’s, wanting the world to know what a miracle she had discovered.

I’m not going to tell you everything about the interview – you can listen for yourself by clicking on the YouTube link below.

And have a listen to Kasia’s review of the cards below.


Glamour Zombie reviews Ancient Ritual Postures Deck

Here’s a shout out to Ana at Glamour Zombie whose blog review was fantastic! Here’s a sample:

Glamour ZombieThe Ancient Ritual Postures is a fascinating deck and book combo full of surprises and details to uncover. The images are rich and evocative, and they encourage you to do work as you deem appropriate, offering different explorations and options that seem to evolve with you the more you work with them. This set shows the knowledge, passion and care that Belinda Gore put into it, and I can’t believe how under the radar this is, because it’s pure genius. Belinda offers more information and pictures on her site, so go check it out to quench your curiosity!

Click here to read the full review.

Enjoy reading and listening to these two fascinating women. The cards and the ritual postures are finding their way around the world. I hope they speak to you too.

And if you are inspired, click here for more info and to purchase.