• This introduction to ritual postures includes descriptions of 39 postures with historical information and research with numerous participants to determine the nature of the experience the posture tends to mediate.  With introduction by Dr. Felicitas Goodman. The Spanish language translation, Posturas Corporales Extaticas, is available in Chile (posturasances-traleschile@gmail.com) and in Argentina (posturasparaeltrancebsas@gmail.com).
  • Following the groundbreaking introduction of this practice in her first book, Ecstatic Body Postures, Belinda Gore provides a new series of 20 sacred postures and exercises that allow for a deeper understanding and utilization of these shamanic practices. She shows how to use the energy awakened by these practices for healing, shapeshifting, initiations into the mysteries of death and rebirth, divination, spirit journeying, and restoring balance to the cosmic patterns disrupted by destructive human activity. To help reach these deep, ecstatic trance states, this book includes a CD of four fifteen-minute sessions with drums and/or rattling to be used with the ritual postures. The book also includes 20 new postures and a summary of the new perspectives provided by decades of continuing practice and teaching of ritual postures.
  • Soul CollageThis collection of small collages and poems traces one woman's moving journey through loss and redemption, accessing spiritual resources that timelessly relate to every person's encounter with life and death. Humorous and profound, these words and images speak to the soul in each of us.
  • The Friends of the Great Circle Alliance (GCA) is a group of individuals, organizations, and businesses joining with GCA as allies, reanimating indigenous history, art and culture. Our purpose is to bring together Native and non-Native people – artists, scholars, archeologists, and local communities – to generate more in-depth appreciation and engagement with the Hopewell earthworks, connecting ancestral voices with contemporary people. The Great Circle Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization. We operate an informal alliance with Native Americans connected to the sites, the OSU Newark Earthworks Center, the Ohio History Connection, and Denison University. The Friends of the Great Circle Alliance will:
    • Further the educational and interpretive activities at the Newark Earthworks
    • Provide volunteer support for site programs, projects, and special events
    • Support the GCA Artist in Residence program
    • Provide input in long-range program planning
  • A link to this audio download is included in purchase of the Oracle Cards with Companion Book. Entering the ritual postures trance state requires use of rhythmic audio featuring sustained rattling and / or drumming.  This downloadable set of audio files includes a rattling solo; rattling duet; drum and rattle duet; and drumming solo. Please note: This audio is included as a CD inside The Ecstatic Experience book.  The book provides background and instruction on Ectastic Trance postures. We offer these tracks as a stand-alone purchase for those who are familiar with ecstatic trance and are seeking rhythmic audio to support their journeys.
  • This exquisite Oracle Deck features Ancient Ritual Postures drawn from indigenous art and ancient artifacts from around the world. Dating from 36,000 years ago to the present day the images in the deck encompass many ancient cultures and traditions. The book contains an exquisite collection of simple poems, one for each of the ancient ritual postures. The poems provide insightful guidance toward a path of spiritual realization.
  • Workshop Series

    Exploring the World Tree: Spirit Journeys with Ancient Ritual Postures

    TEN sessions, once a month, beginning 2/18/22
    Friday 3:00 - 5:00 pm Eastern